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Epigraphy Page: Updating Links and Descriptions

Ancient Greek resources on the internet are in a constant state of change, with pages moving to new locations and new tools being added from time to time. Over the past few days I have updated the epigraphy… Read More

Lesson 23 Vocabulary Flashcards

I have uploaded a flash card exercise for the vocabulary in Lesson 23: “Imperfect Middle and Passive. The card set includes review vocabulary from earlier lessons as well. when a review word is given, the earlier lesson or… Read More

Lesson 27: Pronouns for Direct Conversation (ἐγὼ and σύ)

A few minutes ago I uploaded lesson 27 of my online grammar. There are a couple of reasons this particular lesson is a little unusual. First, I have not yet uploaded lessons 24-26, so this one is coming… Read More

Correction to Online Grammar

I would like to thank Kathy Barrett Dawson for pointing out a typographical error in lesson four. I greatly appreciate careful readers bringing mistakes to my attention. This helps make the grammar better for everyone.