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Additions to the Bibliography

I have added The Greek Verb Revisited to the bibliography here at Greek-Language.com. Each of the papers contained in the book now also has its own entry in the bibliography. I just found out today that the book is available… Read More

Updates to lessons 22 and 23

I have updated lessons 22 and 23 (Present and Imperfect Middle/Passive). The changes to lesson 22 are very minor—just a few wording changes. The main change to lesson 23, though, is the deletion of the discussion on transitivity…. Read More

Rijksbaron: Syntax and Semantics of the Verb in Classical Greek

On March 1, Mike Aubrey commented about Rijksbaron’s book, “And this is just one book that should be on the shelf of every student of Ancient Greek.” It wasn’t on mine. So I bought a copy. What a… Read More

Lesson 18: Future Tense Verbs

Today I added a brief exercise to lesson 18 to provide practice in recognizing future tense forms of μι-conjugation verbs. μι-conjugation verbs in Lesson 18

Participles in 1 Peter

Check out the interchange between Daniel and Mike Aubrey on participles in 1 Peter over at “Text, Community & Mission.”