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Mike Aubrey on ὑδροποτρέω

Back in April I posted a recommendation for hearing Mike Aubrey’s SBL paper on ὑδροποτρέω, a word that appears only once in the New Testament, but is well attested in the broader Hellenistic literature. I heard the paper… Read More

Living Language in the Written Text at SBL 2018

Again this year, Jonathan Robie and I will be presenting about the work we are doing  to bring living language techniques to the teaching of Ancient Greek through the web. We have a somewhat unclear title for our… Read More

SBL 2018 – Popup Greek?

Once again this November, Jonathan Robie and I will present an update on the work we are doing to create free materials for teaching Hellenistic Greek as a living language. I look forward to seeing many of you… Read More

SBL Presentation on ὑδροποτέω

I look forward to hearing Mike Aubrey’s SBL paper, “Compounding and Cognitive Processes in Word Formation with ὑδροποτέω and its relatives.” It is often the case that compound words mean something more than or other than the combined… Read More

γραφὴ ζῶσα Living Language in the Written Word

I’m looking forward to tomorrow (November 19, 2016)! Jonathan Robie and I will present our ongoing work on the communicative Koine Greek course, γραφὴ ζῶσα. Our presentation will take place at the 1:00 pm session of the Global Education and Research… Read More

Open Source and Open Data for the Biblical Languages

If you are interested in Open Source software or Open Data projects for the Biblical languages, I would like to recommend the following sessions at SBL: Saturday, November 19th 9:00-11:30 AM: Visualizations of the Bible, Convention Center Room… Read More

γραφὴ ζῶσα

On November 19 in the 1:00 pm session of the Global Education and Research Technology section of the Society of Biblical Literature meeting in San Antonio, Jonathan Robie and I will present our ongoing work on a communicative Koine Greek… Read More

Wonderful weekend at SBL

This weekend I met with Mike Aubrey, Jonathan Robie, Randall Tan, James Tauber, Andy Wu,  and several others to think about the future of Greek Computational Linguistics. Four of these I had previously known only through the Internet. It was nice… Read More

Syntactic Analysis for Humans (“Does this analysis make my text look fat?”).

If you want to see some of what is to come in the presentation that Jonathan Robie and I will make at SBL on Monday afternoon, check out the following posts on the B-Greek forum: Morphology with Cascading… Read More

Looking forward to SBL

Are you going to SBL in San Diego? I am, and I’d love the chance to talk with any of you who are going to be there. If you will be there, contact me via the Contact page here…. Read More