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Exercises for Lessons 1 and 2

Image of exercise 2.1

For some time now the automated exercises for the first two lessons of the online grammar have been inoperative. I designed new ones today to solve that problem. Lesson 1 Exercise 1.1 Exercise 1.2 Lesson 2 Exercise 2.1… Read More

Future Middle and Passive

I’m enjoying the 67° weather (19.4° C) in Miraflores, investigating the future middle and passive in Ancient Greek. My goal is to read every occurrence of the future non-active forms in the Greek New Testament before returning to… Read More

HTTPS rather than HTTP at HellenisticGreek.com

I have added a few lines of behind-the-scenes code to the online grammar (HellenisticGreek.com) to force all pages to load securely (https rather than http). The site has been available on a secure server for some time now,… Read More


The domain name HellenisticGreek.com has until yesterday pointed to the online grammar that has for several years been housed at Greek-Language.com/grammar (and, more recently, at GreekLinguistics.com/grammar). Now, however, I have moved the content of those directories so that all… Read More

Correction to Lesson Nine

I would like to thank Harold Madlom for pointing out that I had misspelled ὁμολογέω as ὁμολουέω in a table on augmented stems in lesson nine of the online grammar. Pointing out such mistakes gives me the opportunity… Read More

Improving the Online Grammar

I would like to thank those of you who, over the last several years, have submitted suggestions for improving the online grammar here at Greek-Language.com. I have added a link to a new report page at the top of… Read More

Lessons 19, 20 and the Topic Index

Lessons 19 and 20 are now HTML5 compliant and displaying well on cell phones. The Topical Index is also updated to HTML5 and looks great on cell phone browsers.

Lessons 16 and 17 now HTML5 Compliant

I completed the revision of the code behind lessons 16 and 17 today. Both are now HTML5 compliant, so they should look a bit better in your browser.

Exercise for Lesson 23: Imperfect Middle and Passive

I have added two interactive exercises for lesson 23: Imperfect Middle and Passive. You can try them out here:

Unicode Greek in the Online Grammar

After two very frustrating days of frantic coding, the Greek text in the online grammar is converted to unicode and displaying correctly. For a day and a half I was unable to get the revised files to show… Read More