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Noun Entries in a Future Lexicon: ἔλεος

Our current lexica for Hellenistic Greek fall into two categories on the basis of their approach. The more traditional ones offer suggested translations (not real definitions) and examples of usage. The UBS lexicon classifies words on the basis… Read More

Lesson 4: Nouns

I have updated all of the exercises and the vocabulary quiz for Lesson 4: Nouns. Exercise 1: Recognize Masculine Case Forms Exercise 2: Recognizing Neuter Noun Forms Exercise 3: Distinguishing Masculine and Neuter 2nd Declension Nouns Exercise 4:… Read More

Lesson 16: More Third Declension Nouns

I revised lesson 16, “More Third Declension Nouns,” and the course lexicon several days ago, but have just now uploaded the changes. I’m working from Perú. greek-language.com/grammar Lesson 16

Lesson 15: Third Declension Consonant Stem Nouns

I have revised lesson 15 to reduce the size of the vocabulary list and clean up the discussion of third declension nouns. I have entered some revisions for lesson 16 as well, but will complete those over the… Read More

Lesson 15: Third Declension Nouns

Yesterday I completed my rewrite of Lesson 15: Third Declension Nouns (Consonant Stems), for the online grammar at Greek-Language.com. The lesson comes complete with several automated exercises to help you recognize these nouns as well as automated vocabulary… Read More