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Acquiring Hellenistic (Koine) Greek

Donovan Nagal runs a podcast at mezzoguild.com. In this episode he discusses his ongoing experience in learning Koine Greek. He has a clear awareness of both the need to study Greek the without focussing on grammar, and the… Read More

Mark 8 in Koine Greek

Here’s chapter 8 of Mark’s Gospel from the LUMO Project, Faith Comes by Hearing, and KoineGreek.com. As with chapter 7, there are no captions (yet) in this video, so I recommend listening with your Greek New Testament in… Read More

Mark 7 in Hellenistic Greek

Are you ready for chapter 7? The video in ancient Greek is now available from KoineGreek.com, the LUMOS Project, and Faith Comes by Hearing. It was released on July 25. It does not (yet?) have captions, so I… Read More

Mark 6 from the LUMOS Project and KoineGreek.com

KoineGreek.com, the LUMOS Project, and Faith Comes by Hearing released chapter 6 of Mark’s Gospel in koine (hellenistic) Greek on July 18, the day before I returned from Peru. Since the subtitles are not yet ready, I recommend… Read More

The wrong and right way to learn ancient Greek

Boy reading a book

Not too long ago I ran across this Washington Post article by Stephen Krashen entitled “The wrong and right way to learn a foreign language“, and it reminded me of a number of issues in current approaches to… Read More

Mark 5 in Hellenistic Greek

Mark 5 is available, but it doesn’t have captions yet. KoineGreek.com promises to add them soon.

Mark 4 from the LUMO Project and KoineGreek.com

I was at 16,522 feet above sea level on Vinicunca the day the LUMO Project and KoineGreek.com released chapter 4 of Mark’s Gospel in Greek using the reconstructed historical pronunciation. I was in no condition to post anything… Read More

Updates to Greek-Language.com

After several days of wrangling with HTML and CSS I have released a refreshed version of Greek-Language.com. I’ve also updated the “Learn Greek” page to provide information about programs teaching Ancient Greek as a living language. These are… Read More

SBL 2018 – Popup Greek?

Once again this November, Jonathan Robie and I will present an update on the work we are doing to create free materials for teaching Hellenistic Greek as a living language. I look forward to seeing many of you… Read More

Lesson 23 Vocabulary Flashcards

I have uploaded a flash card exercise for the vocabulary in Lesson 23: “Imperfect Middle and Passive. The card set includes review vocabulary from earlier lessons as well. when a review word is given, the earlier lesson or… Read More