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γραφὴ ζῶσα Living Language in the Written Text

The presentation went wonderfully well this afternoon. There were thoughtful questions and expressions of interest. If you were not there and would like to see the web resource we discussed, you can now see it live at LivingText.org. … Read More

HTTPS rather than HTTP at HellenisticGreek.com

I have added a few lines of behind-the-scenes code to the online grammar (HellenisticGreek.com) to force all pages to load securely (https rather than http). The site has been available on a secure server for some time now,… Read More


The domain name HellenisticGreek.com has until yesterday pointed to the online grammar that has for several years been housed at Greek-Language.com/grammar (and, more recently, at GreekLinguistics.com/grammar). Now, however, I have moved the content of those directories so that all… Read More