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Brill’s New Dictionary, and Greek Dictionaries in General

Brill's Greek-English Dictionary

Mike Aubrey has written a wonderful overview of the lexica available for Ancient Greek. The article is pitched as an introduction to Brill’s new Greek English Dictionary, but it does much more than introduce that work. If you… Read More

Recommended Post: What to do when you must teach explicit grammar

Seumas Macdonald has posted a great discussion of a problem facing many who are using communicative methods to teach Ancient Greek in institutions that require students to know the traditional metalanguage for talking about Greek rather than simply speaking… Read More


I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Richard Wilson, designer of LaParola.net, for the work he has put into producing an online reader for the Greek New Testament complete with variant readings. What is particularly outstanding… Read More

Review of Living Koiné (Part One)

Kevin Madden has written a helpful review of Randall Buth’s Living Koiné, Part One. His review even has a video of the first lesson. If you are interested in learning Biblical Greek, and you want to know how it sounded… Read More

Greek Palaeography Bibliography

Thank you Wray Bryant, for pointing out the following bibliography of Greek Palaeography. While it does not apply a particular variety of Modern Linguistics to the study of Hellenistic Greek (the criteria for inclusion in the bibliography here at… Read More

Mike Aubrey's Masters Thesis

Mike Aubrey has uploaded his anxiously awaited thesis to Academia.edu: The Greek perfect and the categorization of tense and aspect: Toward a descriptive apparatus for operators in Role and Reference Grammar Click on the title to download a… Read More