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Three new dissertations

Screenshot of bibliography

I would like to thank Matthew Longhorn for bringing three recent dissertations to my attention. All deal with the conjunction γάρ. Sarah Helen Casson, Engaging with γάρ: a relevance-theoretic approach to the connective’s communicative role in Romans, King’s… Read More

Christopher Fresch’s Dissertation

Tyndale Bulletin has published the abstract of Christopher Fresch’s dissertation, “Discourse Markers in the Septuagint and Early Koine Greek with Special Reference to The Twelve.” Christopher has also uploaded a copy of the abstract to Academia.edu. Since Dr…. Read More

A Linguistic Analysis of the Articular Infinitive in New Testament Greek

I have added Dennis Ray Burk’s doctoral dissertation “A linguistic analysis of the articular infinitive in New Testament Greek” to the bibliography. Dr. Burk wrote this dissertation in 2004, and the data he compiled has contributed positively to the ongoing… Read More

Update to "A Comprehensive Bibliography of Hellenistic Greek Linguistics"

I have added Mike Aubrey’s thesis, The Greek perfect and the categorization of tense and aspect, to the bibliography at Greek-Language.com. When I finish reading it I’ll add some comments, but I wanted to go ahead and get it… Read More

Infinitival Clauses

Have any of you seen Christina Sevdali’s dissertation, Infinitival Clauses in Ancient Greek: Overt and null subjects, the role of Case and Focus? I have not added it to my bibliography because I don’t know if it addresses… Read More

Mark Janse on Hellenistic Greek

I have added eight works by Mark Janse to my Comprehensive Bibliography of Hellenistic Greek Linguistics. (Thanks to Mike Aubrey for providing the bibliographic information on six of them and a lead to the seventh.) Dr. Janse is… Read More

Dissertation: Infinitival Clauses in Ancient Greek

Here’s another dissertation with clear application of a specific brand of Linguistics to Ancient Greek. Reading it requires some knowledge of generative linguistic theory. Sevdali, Christina. “Infinitival Clauses in Ancient Greek: Overt and null subjects, the role of… Read More