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Additions to the Bibliography

Today I added Carmen Padilla’s article, “Ensayo de Clasificación de la Especie Semántica Atributo en el Nuevo Testamento (Letra alpha)” to A Comprehensive Bibliography of Hellenistic Greek Linguistics. This Spanish language article published in Filología Neotestamentaria applies a… Read More

Three new dissertations

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I would like to thank Matthew Longhorn for bringing three recent dissertations to my attention. All deal with the conjunction γάρ. Sarah Helen Casson, Engaging with γάρ: a relevance-theoretic approach to the connective’s communicative role in Romans, King’s… Read More

The Status of the ‘Progressive Aspect’ in the Hellenistic Greek of the New Testament

In 2016 Vit Bubeník published a paper in Graco-Latina Burnensia with the title given above. I have added that article to A Comprehensive Bibliography of Hellenistic Greek Linguistics at both Greek-Language.com and GreekLinguistics.com. Here is what the author says about his… Read More

Sabine Tuillier on the Diccionario Griego – Español

Ancient Greek Linguistics: New Approaches, Insights, Perspectives

Felicia Logozzo and Paolo Poccetti have edited an impressive compilation of linguistic research on Ancient Greek. All but one of the chapters address either Classical or Homeric Greek, but one, a brief note on  synthetic forms of the… Read More

Changes in complement structure from Classical to Byzantine Greek

In the first issue of the Journal of Greek Linguistics this year (2017), Klaas Bentein examined changes in the way verbal complements were formed between the Classical and Byzantine periods. Here’s what the abstract of his paper says:… Read More

Monosemy and Polysemy in Biblical Studies: A Minimalist Basis for Empirical Analysis of the Biblical Languages

Ryder Wishart has completed a masters thesis that fits very well into the category of works applying concepts from the field of Linguistics to the study of Ancient Greek. His theses has a broader focus on the biblical languages… Read More

A Linguistic Analysis of the Articular Infinitive in New Testament Greek

I have added Dennis Ray Burk’s doctoral dissertation “A linguistic analysis of the articular infinitive in New Testament Greek” to the bibliography. Dr. Burk wrote this dissertation in 2004, and the data he compiled has contributed positively to the ongoing… Read More

New Testament Verbs of Communication

I have added Paul Danove’s New Testament Verbs of Communication: A Case Frame and Exegetical Study to the bibliography. Danove has been developing his Case Frame analysis since the mid 1990s, and along the way he has contributed significantly to… Read More

Additions to the Bibliography

I have added The Greek Verb Revisited to the bibliography here at Greek-Language.com. Each of the papers contained in the book now also has its own entry in the bibliography. I just found out today that the book is available… Read More