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Movable ν in the Communicative Greek Classroom

An astute reader pointed out that I have listed the following phrases in my “Classroom Words and Phrases for Hellenistic Greek” and raised the question of why I included the ν in the first case and why it… Read More

Mark 2 is now available

While you can view the video here, please visit KoineGreek.com to thank Benjamin Kantor for the work he is putting into providing the Hellenistic Greek voice for these videos!

SBL 2018 – Popup Greek?

Once again this November, Jonathan Robie and I will present an update on the work we are doing to create free materials for teaching Hellenistic Greek as a living language. I look forward to seeing many of you… Read More

Recommended Post: What to do when you must teach explicit grammar

Seumas Macdonald has posted a great discussion of a problem facing many who are using communicative methods to teach Ancient Greek in institutions that require students to know the traditional metalanguage for talking about Greek rather than simply speaking… Read More

Πόλις, a borrowed book

Today I borrowed a copy of Πόλις, Speaking Ancient Greek as a Living Language from a friend. Obviously I haven’t completed reading it yet, but I’ve read enough to know that I can recommend it. The forward alone… Read More

Review of Living Koiné (Part One)

Kevin Madden has written a helpful review of Randall Buth’s Living Koiné, Part One. His review even has a video of the first lesson. If you are interested in learning Biblical Greek, and you want to know how it sounded… Read More

A New Kind of Graded Reader: James Tauber's Work

Take a look at the following nine minute video by James Tauber to see a very innovative use of currently developing technology to support acquiring New Testament Greek. He posted this video to Youtube about two years ago…. Read More