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The Change from SOV to SVO in Ancient Greek

I have added the following article by Ann Taylor to the bibliography at “The change from SOV to SVO in Ancient Greek.” Language Variation and Change. 6.1 (1994) 1-37. While the order of major sentence constituents is… Read More

Language Choice in Ancient Palestine

I have added Hughson Ong’s article, “Language Choice in Ancient Palestine: A Sociolinguistic Study of Jesus’ Language Use Based on Four ‘I Have Com’” Sayings” (Biblical and Ancient Greek Linguistics. 1.3 [2012]) to the bibliography at Here’s the… Read More


A few weeks ago, Mike Aubrey announced on ΕΝ ΕΦΕΣΩ the release of Steve Runge’s new book, Discourse Grammar of New Testament Greek. To see the announcement, visit his blog at ΕΝ ΕΦΕΣΩ. This is a ground-breaking work, in that… Read More

Using Pinax and Django for Collaborative Corpus Linguistics (Greek)

If you are interested in web design and the possibilities it presents for collaborative work in Ancient Greek Linguistics, you must see James Tauber’s BibleTech2010 talk (embedded below). It’s almost an hour long, but well worth the time…. Read More

The Lattice of Case and Agentivity, by Scott Grimm

I just finished reading the first chapter of Scott Grimm’s masters thesis, “The Lattice of Case and Agentivity,” and I’m looking forward to the rest of it! Grimm shows a very clear grasp of the issues at stake… Read More

Case Attraction in Ancient Greek

Have any of you read Scott Grimm’s 2007 article, “Case Attraction in Ancient Greek”? (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2007, Volume 4363/2007, 139-153.) The abstract looks very interesting. You can purchase online access for $25, but I’m not… Read More

Teaching Greek with Basic Linguistic Tools (via ΕΝ ΕΦΕΣΩ)

If you’re interested in the way a knowledge of linguistics can impact teaching Greek, see the following post by Mike Aubrey. I have had many similar experiences. It’s good to see him enjoy the fruits of his studies…. Read More

Danove: Distinguishing Goal and Locative Complements

You can read Paul Danove’s article ““Distinguishing Goal and Locative Complements of New Testament Verbs of Transference” [Filologíá Neotestamentaria. Vol. 20 (2007) 51-66] online at Biblical Studies on the Web, Filologia Neotestamentaria.

Shain, Rachel M., The Preverb Eis- and Koine Greek Aktionsart

I have added Rachel Shain’s The Preverb Eis- and Koine Greek Ationsart to the “Advanced Studies of Specific Topics in Ancient Greek” page at

Renaming the Greek "Middle" Voice?

I agree with Carl Conrad that the term “Middle Voice” creates the false impression that the real contrast in Greek is between active and passive and that the “middle” voice is something of a misfit in an otherwise… Read More