Lesson 15: Third Declension Nouns

Yesterday I completed my rewrite of Lesson 15: Third Declension Nouns (Consonant Stems), for the online grammar at Greek-Language.com.

The lesson comes complete with several automated exercises to help you recognize these nouns as well as automated vocabulary flash cards to help you learn fully half of the third declension nouns that appear fifty times or more in the New Testament. (That’s thirty nouns.)

If you are learning Greek, I hope you will like it. If you teach Greek, or are an advanced student, I’d love to have your feedback.

2 Comments on “Lesson 15: Third Declension Nouns”

  1. Micheal, I’m looking through it lesson by lesson and I like it. I appreciate the fact that you’re distinguishing quantifiers from other modifiers.

    But I did notice that the font is somewhat idiosyncratic. In Lesson 5 on Adjectives, κακόν, κακοῦ, κακοῖς all appear in Gentium but the rest look like they’re Arial, which is used consistently in the previous lessons.

  2. Thanks for pointing this out, Mike. I wrote a few of the early lessons before deciding to use UNICODE for everything. I simply entered the HTML values for each Greek character and specified a sans serif font (whichever one the user happened to have installed). But since so much progress has happened with UNICODE font encoding, I decided to use UNICODE throughout the grammar and leave the font unspecified. I obviously missed a few spots when I converted those early lessons. I appreciate you pointing it out.

    I just uploaded a corrected version of lesson 5. See if it looks better now.

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