Another great reading of Mark 1 with Reconstructed Koine pronunciation

Papyrus B1, recto, Mark 1
Mark 1, Papyrus B1

After watching the video in my previous post, I encourage you to watch this one, where there’s no acting, but a video of the text (using the SBLGNT) and great audio.

The font is very large, making it easy to follow along if your reading level is up to it.

You will notice one key difference from the pronunciation in the previous post. This one honors the breathing marks (῾ and ᾽). It is highly unlikely that a first century commoner would have done that, but there is good evidence that the practice was maintained by some, especially the more highly educated, well into the Hellenistic period.

I recommend doing so in class to guide learners more naturally to the correct spelling of words beginning with a vowel. Still, those who do not observe these marks have the weight of history on their side. Clearly they were on their way out in everyday speech if not completely gone already.

What do you think? Other readers and I would love to hear from you.

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