The Gospel of Mark in Koine Greek with Video Support

A few days ago (June 14, 2019), Mike Aubrey at announced a new film project promoted at (a different site with a confusingly similar URL). Benjamin Kantor has provided narration for the film using the Greek text of Mark’s Gospel with Reconstructed Koine pronunciation. It is a phenomenal feat. The film itself was produced by the LUMO Project in conjunction with Faith Comes by Hearing.

What sets this new collaboration apart? The text is read in very well done Reconstructed Koine pronunciation. The visuals help give context to what is being read, assisting with comprehension. This is a fabulous resource for those learning Hellenistic Greek! You can watch and hear chapter 1 below. Chapter 2 debuts later this week.

Oh… Did I mention there are subtitles? Read along with the video to improve your reading speed.

What do you think? Other readers and I would love to hear from you.

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