The Status of the ‘Progressive Aspect’ in the Hellenistic Greek of the New Testament

In 2016 Vit Bubeník published a paper in Graco-Latina Burnensia with the title given above. I have added that article to A Comprehensive Bibliography of Hellenistic Greek Linguistics at both and

Here is what the author says about his paper in the abstract:

In this paper, I want to revisit the issue of the status of the ‘progressive aspect’ in Hellenistic Greek which I have dealt with in the Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek and Linguistics (2014: pp. 346–350). The entire issue is placed within the contexts of (i) larger cross-linguistic evidence for the existence of the progressive aspect in other Indo-European languages, and (ii) language contact of the colloquial Syro-Palestinian variety of Hellenistic Greek with Aramaic and Hebrew. It is shown that the verbal system of Hellenistic Greek included innovative analytic formations coexisting with aspectual and temporal categories inherited from Classical Greek.

You can download a copy of the paper directly from Graco-Latina Burnensia.

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