Vocabulary for Teachers and Students of Hellenistic Greek

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For some time now I have been working on compiling a list of useful phrases for speaking about Hellenistic Greek in Hellenistic Greek. I cannot claim originality for anything included in the list. I have consulted multiple existing lists as well as conducting my own search for practical words one is likely to need to conduct class in Greek.

The link below will allow you to view the list as well as make comments. It will not allow you to directly edit the document, but you can leave a comment on the document itself, or enter one here on the blog.

If you have suggestions of other words or phrases that you find useful in teaching Greek, please suggest them. I will check to see if I can find them in use in documents written during the hellenistic period (including the Roman Empire up to 300 CE).

Classroom Words and Phrases for Hellenistic Greek

What do you think? Other readers and I would love to hear from you.

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