Ancient Greek Linguistics: New Approaches, Insights, Perspectives

Felicia Logozzo and Paolo Poccetti have edited an impressive compilation of linguistic research on Ancient Greek. All but one of the chapters address either Classical or Homeric Greek, but one, a brief note on  synthetic forms of the future in Hellenistic Greek, addresses the time period of our focus here.

  • Liana Tronci, “Forme sintetiche del futuro nel greco ellenistico, Brevi note sulla Settanta”

Have any of you seen this book? Tronci’s article is written in Italian, but many of the other articles are in English. Do we have any Italian speakers who would be willing to read Tronci’s article and comment on it?

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      • You have a great point. The book is extremely expensive. That’s precisely why I’m looking for a copy in a library rather than thinking of purchasing it. The cost of academic publishing in general has skyrocketed in the past few decades, and books targeted at a university or other research setting are absurdly expensive unless they are underwritten by some interested party. This reality means that much important research has very limited availability, being within reach only for large libraries.

        I would love to see the price come down to a point where individual readers could afford to purchase their own copies!

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