Updates to Greek-Language.com and GreekLinguistics.com

Greek-Language.com and GreekLinguistics.com are now fully identical, and both have a cheery new look. I’ve also put a great deal of time in over the past few days to enhancing the security of the sites. I hope you enjoy the changes.

New look at Greek-Language.com and GreekLinguistics.com (12/20/2017)

Note added December 29, 2017: I may from time to time vary the aesthetics of the site depending on which URL is used to access it, but the content will remain identical.

Note added July 22, 2019

The experiment with different formats for GreekLinguistics.com and Greek-Language.com ended as of today (July 22, 2019).

Traffic to Greek-Language.com has steadily increased, but the version of the site at GreekLinguistics.com has not performed nearly as well.

I deleted all content from GreekLinguistics.com at 4:25 pm today, and set up the domain to redirect to Greek-Language.com. The redirect will take effect later today when Domain Name Servers around the world have updated to reflect the change.

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