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The Middle Voice and Transitivity

On April 6, 2016 reader David Mccollough raised a question about the connection between the middle voice and intransitivity. Since his question elicited a short discussion that may be of interest to many readers, I am reproducing it… Read More

Future Middle and Passive

I’m enjoying the 67° weather (19.4° C) in Miraflores, investigating the future middle and passive in Ancient Greek. My goal is to read every occurrence of the future non-active forms in the Greek New Testament before returning to… Read More

Topical Index updated (voice, imperfective aspect)

I have updated the topical index for my online grammar to include the topics raised in lessons 22 (Present Middle and Passive) and 23 (Imperfect Middle and Passive). These deal mostly with voice and aspect, but also include the formation of… Read More

Reading the Future Middle and Passive

Today I finished reading all of the instances in the New Testament of what has traditionally been called the future passive (296 instances) and started reading the 485 instances of the future middle. I hope to have something… Read More

Updates to lessons 22 and 23

I have updated lessons 22 and 23 (Present and Imperfect Middle/Passive). The changes to lesson 22 are very minor—just a few wording changes. The main change to lesson 23, though, is the deletion of the discussion on transitivity…. Read More

Lesson 23: Imperfect Middle and Passive

I’ve uploaded lesson 23: “Imperfect Middle and Passive” to my online grammar. It has six vocabulary exercises, but is still missing a couple of practice exercises for recognizing imperfect middle/passive forms that I will add over the next… Read More

Rutger Allan: The Middle Voice in Ancient Greek: A Study of Polysemy

Thanks to Mike Aubrey for making me aware of the free download of Rutger J. Allan’s dissertation on the Middle Voice in Ancient Greek. You can download the whole dissertation or individual chapters here. While Dr. Allan was… Read More

A Little More on the Middle / Passive

In each of the lessons dealing with the middle and passive voices, I have taken the opportunity to introduce a little more detail needed for a clear understanding of the functions of these voice categories. In lesson 22… Read More

Additions to Lesson 20

I’ve added a couple of new exercises to lesson 20: one for practice recognizing 1st aorist middle forms, and one for recognizing 2nd aorist middle forms.

Middle Voice: Recommended Post at ΕΝ ΕΦΕΣΩ

Mike Aubry has posed a very clear description of the issues of polysemy, markedness, and the relation between the Greek active and middle voices over at ΕΝ ΕΦΕΣΩ. Have a look.