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The Greek Verbal System and Aspect Prominence

A new article by Nicholas J. Ellis, Michael G. Aubrey, and Mark Dubis has recently appeared in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society discussing the need for revising the terms we use to discuss the Greek verbal system. You… Read More

Mike Aubrey's Masters Thesis

Mike Aubrey has uploaded his anxiously awaited thesis to The Greek perfect and the categorization of tense and aspect: Toward a descriptive apparatus for operators in Role and Reference Grammar Click on the title to download a… Read More

Time, Tense, and Aspect at ΕΝ ΕΦΕΣΩ

Time is not Tense. Time is not Aspect. But both are Temporal Check out this discussion going on over at ΕΝ ΕΦΕΣΩ.

Rijksbaron: Syntax and Semantics of the Verb in Classical Greek

On March 1, Mike Aubrey commented about Rijksbaron’s book, “And this is just one book that should be on the shelf of every student of Ancient Greek.” It wasn’t on mine. So I bought a copy. What a… Read More

Randall Buth on Greek Lexicography

Today I had the pleasure of reading Randall Buth’s article, “Verbs Perception and Aspect: Greek Lexicography and Grammar.” It’s refreshing to read a Biblical Scholar talking about the work of Stephen Krashen on language acquisition. While I did… Read More

Shain, Rachel M., The Preverb Eis- and Koine Greek Aktionsart

I have added Rachel Shain’s The Preverb Eis- and Koine Greek Ationsart to the “Advanced Studies of Specific Topics in Ancient Greek” page at

Aktionsart and Aspect

A number of years ago–May 4, 1997 to be exact–I offered a clarification of the terms Aktionsart and Aspect on the b-Greek discussion list. I have decided to post here the essence of that discussion because even this… Read More