Category: Topical Index

Lessons 19, 20 and the Topic Index

Lessons 19 and 20 are now HTML5 compliant and displaying well on cell phones. The Topical Index is also updated to HTML5 and looks great on cell phone browsers.

Topical Index updated (voice, imperfective aspect)

I have updated the topical index for my online grammar to include the topics raised in lessons 22 (Present Middle and Passive) and 23 (Imperfect Middle and Passive). These deal mostly with voice and aspect, but also include the formation of… Read More

Topical Index and the Middle Voice

I’ve added appropriate categories to the Topical Index for my grammar to cover the issues introduced in Lesson 20: The Middle Voice.

Additions to the Lexicon

I’ve added the vocabulary from lesson 20 to the online lexicon. I’ll work on the topical index tomorrow.

Topical Index

I am currently designing a topic index for the online grammar. The aim is to make the grammar more useful for review. While the primary target of the grammar is students in their first year of study, the… Read More