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Updated Course Lexicon

I have added the vocabulary from Lesson 23: Verbs: The Imperfect Middle and Passive to the course lexicon (the cumulative vocabulary list). If you’ve visited the course lexicon recently, you may need to refresh the page to see the changes.

Updates to lessons 22 and 23

I have updated lessons 22 and 23 (Present and Imperfect Middle/Passive). The changes to lesson 22 are very minor—just a few wording changes. The main change to lesson 23, though, is the deletion of the discussion on transitivity…. Read More

Using Pinax and Django for Collaborative Corpus Linguistics (Greek)

If you are interested in web design and the possibilities it presents for collaborative work in Ancient Greek Linguistics, you must see James Tauber’s BibleTech2010 talk (embedded below). It’s almost an hour long, but well worth the time…. Read More

Randall Buth on Greek Lexicography

Today I had the pleasure of reading Randall Buth’s article, “Verbs Perception and Aspect: Greek Lexicography and Grammar.” It’s refreshing to read a Biblical Scholar talking about the work of Stephen Krashen on language acquisition. While I did… Read More

Database Design and the Hellenistic Greek Lexicon

Over the last few days I have had some interesting conversations with people who design databases (including my eldest son) regarding what would be involved in designing a database to allow lexical information for Ancient Greek to be… Read More

What should a lexicon include?

Carl Conrad has raised a valid objection to calling the cumulative vocabulary list for my online grammar a “lexicon,” and I would like to address the reasons he is right. That will also give me the opportunity to… Read More

Update to Online Lexicon

I have incorporated the vocabulary from lesson 21 into the online lexicon. Now I’m on to the topical index.

Additions to the Lexicon

I’ve added the vocabulary from lesson 20 to the online lexicon. I’ll work on the topical index tomorrow.

Lesson 16: More Third Declension Nouns

I revised lesson 16, “More Third Declension Nouns,” and the course lexicon several days ago, but have just now uploaded the changes. I’m working from Perú. Lesson 16

Online Lexicon

The lexicon accompanying my online Hellenistic Greek Grammar is limited in certain ways because of its purpose. Here’s what I have to say in the introduction to the lexicon: This brief lexicon is designed to accompany my Introduction… Read More