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Upgrade for

Today the new code (HTML5 and CSS) behind went live. It gives the site a new look and makes it dynamically readjust for the screen size of smartphones and tablets. The blog has had this ability for… Read More

Lesson 21: More on the Aorist Middle and Passive

Lesson 21:  “More on the Aorist Middle and Passive” is now cell-phone ready and HTML5 compliant. Those of you using the grammar on your mobile device should have a better experience with this lesson now. The rest of… Read More

Lessons 19, 20 and the Topic Index

Lessons 19 and 20 are now HTML5 compliant and displaying well on cell phones. The Topical Index is also updated to HTML5 and looks great on cell phone browsers.

Cell Phone Browser Success!

Finally! I have overcome the crazy lack of standards for cell phone browsers. Lessons 1 to 18 are now HTML5 compliant and displaying correctly on Safari for iPhone and Chrome and Firefox for Android. If you are accessing… Read More

Lessons 16 and 17 now HTML5 Compliant

I completed the revision of the code behind lessons 16 and 17 today. Both are now HTML5 compliant, so they should look a bit better in your browser.

Working on Greek Lessons from Perú

I’m working on Greek lessons in Miraflores, Lima, Perú. Lessons 1 to 15 are now HTML5 compliant. I would like to thank those of you who have submitted suggestions and corrections. As I convert the files to HTML5,… Read More

Unicode Greek in the Online Grammar

After two very frustrating days of frantic coding, the Greek text in the online grammar is converted to unicode and displaying correctly. For a day and a half I was unable to get the revised files to show… Read More