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From time to time it becomes necessary to overhaul a website because technology has advanced or material has become outdated. I have now launched the 2020 rebuild of While I have proofread the pages, it is very… Read More

Updates to

After several days of wrangling with HTML and CSS I have released a refreshed version of I’ve also updated the “Learn Greek” page to provide information about programs teaching Ancient Greek as a living language. These are… Read More says goodbye

The experiment with different formats for and ended as of today (July 22, 2019). Traffic to has steadily increased, but the version of the site at has not performed nearly as well. I deleted… Read More

Updated Lexicography Page

I spent some time today updating the look and functioning of the Lexicography: Dictionaries & Lexica page at and I hope you find the organization easier to follow. I added an explanation of why some recommended… Read More

The Ancient Greek Dependency Treebank, added to the bibliography

In 2016 Francesco Mambrini published a chapter in the book, Digital Classics Outside the Echo-Chamber, edited by M. Romanello and G. Bodard and published by Ubiquity Press in London.  Mambrini’s chapter is entitled, “The Ancient Greek Dependency Treebank: Linguistic Annotation… Read More

Finite vs. non-finite complementation in Post-classical and Early Byzantine Greek

About a year or so ago, I added Klaas Bentein’s paper from the first issue of 2017 of the Journal of Greek Linguistics to the bibliography at (and The article treats forms of complementation for verbs in the… Read More

Epigraphy Page: Sara B. Aleshire Center for the Study of Greek Epigraphy

I have updated the Epigraphy Page at and, adding a link to The Sara B. Aleshire Center for the Study of Greek Epigraphy at the University of California, Birkeley and updating information on several other organizations…. Read More

Greek Readers

I have added a Readers page that can be accessed through the Learn Greek page at either or The new page provides downloadable copies of a number of readers designed to supplement ones study of Ancient… Read More

The domain name has until yesterday pointed to the online grammar that has for several years been housed at (and, more recently, at Now, however, I have moved the content of those directories so that all… Read More

Color Scheme Change

While the content of and remains identical, the color scheme is now different. Header Menu Footer Header Menu Footer Feel free to let me know which one you prefer. You can use the Contact… Read More