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Addition to the Bibliography

Today I had the pleasure of adding Rachel Aubrey’s masters thesis to the Comprehensive Bibliography of Hellenistic Greek Linguistics. Hellenistic Greek Middle Voice: Semantic Event Structure and Voice Typology is a significant addition to the literature on Hellenistic… Read More

Cognitive Linguistics in Classical Greek Studies, a new open access book

On the B-Greek discussion list Stephen Carlson recently announced the open access version of Toward a Cognitive Classical Linguistics, and Mike Aubrey discussed it briefly at I’m adding a few comments that may be of use to… Read More

Recommended Blog Post

A couple of days ago, Seumas Macdonald, on The Patrologist blog, posted a great list of useful questions to use in communicative Ancient Greek classes. They will work just as well for Koine or Classical Greek. You can… Read More

Another great reading of Mark 1 with Reconstructed Koine pronunciation

After watching the video in my previous post, I encourage you to watch this one, where there’s no acting, but a video of the text (using the SBLGNT) and great audio. The font is very large, making it… Read More

Additions to A Comprehensive Bibliography of Hellenistic Greek Linguistics

Today I added three items to the bibliography at and Willi, Andreas, Origins of the Greek Verb, Cambridge University Press, 2018. Danove, Paul, “The Conceptualization of Communication in the New Testament: A Feature Description”, Biblical and… Read More

γραφὴ ζῶσα Living Language in the Written Text

The presentation went wonderfully well this afternoon. There were thoughtful questions and expressions of interest. If you were not there and would like to see the web resource we discussed, you can now see it live at … Read More

Expanded blog access

You can now access this blog from two new locations: As always, the blog is running on a secure server even though there is nothing to buy here.

Software Page

I have updated the software page at and, removing links that no longer work and eliminating links to insecure servers. While I’ve tried to include discussions of all of the software packages that allow reading and… Read More

Paul Nitz’ review of M. Diaz Avila’s Alexandros.

In volume 8, issue 1 of Teaching Classical Languages, Paul Nitz has written a very helpful review of M. Díaz Avila’s Alexandros, Nitz considers the possible suitability of Avila’s book for a text-based introduction to Ancient Greek using a Communicative… Read More

οὐ μέντοι πολλοῦ γε χρόνου καὶ ἅπασιν ἐκνικῆσαι and the scope of Ancient Greek negation

I received a question on Facebook about a comment Thucidides made in the first book of his ὁ πολέμος τῶν Πελοποννησίων καὶ Ἀθηναίων. Discussing the question of when the Greek people came to be called Hellens (the name that gets translated… Read More